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03 November 2012 @ 01:18 pm
the hurricane filled the first floor of mom's house with a foot of water. given that all of brig was submerged, and her house is opposite the bay, it's not entirely surprising. but you can hear the defeat in her voice. she had just redone all the floors because of a persistent water issue. yeah. she certainly doesn't have a dime to spare, either.

she's hoping for assistance but i doubt it's going to happen, given that it's not her primary residence. but it's not about the house. it's about mom constantly bouncing back from adversity: the death of her mother, the empty nest, the separation, mike's accident, the studio, the house round one. she's good at powering through things, but it's a crutch on which she leans so that she doesn't fall apart. i just hope she doesn't throw in the towel on this one.
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