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01 January 2014 @ 02:02 pm
so, 2014.  
i rarely post here anymore, mostly because i think to and then move on to something else. it's a sort of affliction that plagues many areas of my life.

i like to post here though. i think it's because there's an assumed veil of privacy. who bothers to check LJ anymore?

this was a good year for many reasons. a lot of change happened along the way.

i jumped to a new job. i moved to a new (old) city. spats died, and nemo declined significantly. i traveled a lot: to las vegas, to singapore, to san francisco, to chicago, to detroit. i finally, after three years, felt part of a community in philly. (but then i left it.)

i'm getting older, and trying to figure out how i'd like to handle that. what kind of twentyeight, twentyninesomething i want to be.

there are things i'm trying to work on.

budgeting is crucial. after a major milestone this year -- no credit card debt! -- i've got more than i've ever had before, courtesy a two-month move. it's the kind of swing that could cause a stroke.

habits are a struggle. little personal quirks -- too many and minor to list here -- i'd like to discard haven't been, yet.

fitness is pending. i'm in good health, overall, but i've lost my gym habit in the move. need to find a way to do that without working against the budgeting thing. could stand to shed a couple lbs and toss some of the softness.

career perspective is key. it's so difficult to ignore the noise and invent, but i need to. i know it's the way to succeed.

relationship is rock solid. nine years this month -- and it's just as fun. that's pretty awesome.

living in the moment -- it's a cliché, but it's hard to have analytical, strategic perspective without disassociating yourself from things. i need to find a better balance so i'm not lamenting lost time.

...and yet i need to do better planning. not getting stuck and wound up by reacting to things.

would really like to use my kindle more than, you know, never. books, movies, new music -- that time to contemplate is always valuable.

i also need to articulate my appreciation for things more, instead of focusing on what needs to improve. the latter is what helps my internal drive, but it prevents me from expressing my sincere feelings on things, which presents an unbalanced view on things. this year, i'm thankful for the continued health of my family, unbroken support from friends near and far, adoption and education by colleagues old and new, the care and patience of my wife, and the general station of life in which i find myself. i'm lucky, and i never forget it. (i just stick it in storage for a bit so i'm not paralyzed by it.)

unusually reflective, this post. oh well. feels right. on to 2014.
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