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21 October 2012 @ 12:05 am
Paris, '12.  

[This was written in September, but somehow failed to post. So I'm publishing it now.]

I'm sitting here on the train writing this because I failed to keep a promise to myself to update this. I'm kind of angry at myself for that, not in principle (because really, so what?) but because it's been one of the most interesting summers I've ever had, and that's really what this thing is good for: milestones.

Right now, I'm coming back to PHL from a NYC happy hour with my writers, but the real news is that I'm back in the States after spending three months in Europe: Paris, mostly, plus jaunts to London, Koln, Tours, Brussels, Bruges, Chambéry, Milano, Torino and Zurich.

Being in France was wonderful -- bread, cheese, language, density, transit, continental weather -- but it's amazing how long it really had been: 7 years. My language caught up in due time, but I largely felt like I was in an English bubble. It made 2005 feel like forever ago -- indeed, I felt old.

It was still wonderful. Despite a mostly quotidian existence -- punctuated by fabulous vacations -- I enjoyed the alone time: from work, the Internet, family, friends, colleagues, sources, pets, landlords, neighbors. The best part about 2005 was using a new place to learn about myself; this time, I learned what was most important, and what really matters to me, and where I want to go. You have a lot of time to think. That's why I like going anywhere, really.

And yet it all feels as if a dream. Now that I'm back it's hard to believe it happened -- on paper, it's incredible -- but that's partly why I'm writing this: to record it in a different way.

I'm back now, but I return with a heavy dose of confidence in my ability to manage...whatever. A change of scenery disrupts, then reinforces, this. It's like a muscle: break it down, then build it up stronger.

My focus moving forward is getting back on track: physically, mentally, productivitally. Keep the best and cut the rest. Mais oui.

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